Welcome to Rellyseeker Research

I am Jan Powell,BEd, based in Wellington, New Zealand.I have been a genealogicalresearcher for more than 40⁠ years.

I am available to undertake research for those who are seeking relatives with a New Zealand connection.

Some of my recent professional research includes:

  • Tracing people’s descendants to enable settlement of deceased estates.
  • Searching police, court, and prison records.
  • Searching for people who went “missing” for some time but have reappeared under different names and in different places.
  • Finding out about the ancestors for people who had no knowledge of family apart from their parents and siblings.
  • Locating early settlers in New Zealand.
  • Locating information about the lives of people who migrated to New Zealand from various places, including Ireland, Scandinavia, United States of America, Australia.
  • Searching for the birth mother of a child who was raised by her father’s relatives.
  • Finding living and deceased blood-relatives for a person who was adopted out at birth.
  • Searching for living relatives to assist in arranging family reunions.
  • Collating, editing and publishing the memoirs of a World War II veteran who survived a Japanese kamikaze aircraft attack.

If you are interested in my conducting research for you, please let me know by using the contact form at the right or by contacting me at jan@rellyseeker.nz. My fees are reasonable and include all expenses apart from fees paid for certificates and various other official documents.


My blog:Jan's Rellyseeker Blog.

Jan Powell